A solution-focused platform for designers and engineers 

that offers ready to print, fully customizable 3D files.


  • WAZP SPARK is a solutions-focused platform created by experienced designers and engineers for designers and engineers.

  • The SPARK platform offers solutions that have been used by WAZP designers and engineers across a wide variety of industries to produce products and components for their clients.

  • Offering high quality 3D files that are fully customizable so designers and engineers can scale, edit, combine, and modify to suit product requirements. This reduces the entire product development time-frame, allowing quality products and parts to be brought to market much faster and at scale.

  • SPARK provides businesses with unique access to 3D Solution Models designed for Additive Manufacturing assisting them in advancing adoption of 3D Printing. 

WAZP, a Global End to End Supply Chain for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) has created a 3D printing solutions-focused platform. Every SPARK solution has been created by the WAZP designers and engineers for designers and engineers. This will greatly assist businesses trying to adopt and reap the benefits of Additive Manufacturing when producing products and components.

SPARK offers quality files that are ready to print, fully customizable, have varying applications and functionality, and can be used across a wide range of industries. Co-Founder and COO Mariana Kobal had this to say,  

“SPARK is a scalable platform that gives an opportunity to choose ready off-the-shelf solutions suitable for different applications. We are delighted to start this initiative and aim to continuously expand the range and portfolio of solutions.”

Designers and engineers can download the required 3D solutions directly from SPARK, customize and adapt them to suit their product requirements. This is a big step in WAZP’s vision of developing the largest repository of 3D printable content for clients.

WAZP offers clients the most advanced, sustainable, and flexible supply chain solution. By harnessing the power of Additive Manufacturing, WAZP inspires companies to produce quality products, closer to the point of need whilst achieving industry-defining pricing, increased design complexity, and efficient processes to support clients’ adoption of digital content manufacturing with ease and efficiency. Sustainability is built into the WAZP DNA by doing more with less, propelling operational excellence through a no-waste culture within the company. This goal is achieved by being creative, efficient, and resourceful. This means less waste and increased efficiency at all stages in the supply chain for their clients.