Impacts of Nearshore Manufacturing on Businesses

08.02.21 09:10 AM

    Distributed Manufacturing enables Localized Production, or production close to the point of need which has a major impact on logistics, reducing cost and lead times. 

    Furthermore, Just In Time or On-Demand Manufacturing enables companies to decrease the need for stock, slashing transportation and storage costs, as well as having a positive impact on the landed cost of goods. We apply a “no-waste” approach to every step in our process and our solution drives the production and delivery of products with accurate, precise and lean “what-when-where” solution.

Manufacture In Multiple Locations. Deliver Close To The Point of Need.

Nearshore Manufacturing is the most efficient, sustainable solution that delivers tangible supply chain benefits of Additive Manufacture by:

  • Manufacturing Products Close to End Consumers
  • Volume Production Efficiency
  • Reducing Transportation, Storage & Other Associated Logistics Costs
  • Reduced Time to Market & Delivery Times
  • Positively Impacts Carbon Footprint of Products
  • Reduces Cross Border Tariffs & Taxes
  • Impacts Country of Origin of Products
  • Allows Effective Market Adaptation of Products

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    Sustainable Manufacturing Through Near-Shore Production

    Economic Impact

        • Satisfaction of local needs, tastes and requirements
        • Reduction of costs in logistics
        • Shorter delivery and lead times
        • Relevance of product
        • More product value through market tailored solutions

    Ecological Impact

        • Reduction of long distance transport and C02 emissions
        • Reduction of fossil energy consumption
        • Green last mile logistics
        • Environmental impact through reduction in waste

    Social Impact

        • Re-shoring, near-shoring and localization
        • Involvement of customer in product development
        • Higher employment in local manufacturing
        • Reduction in production and employment risk

    Institutional Impact

        • Increase in politically financed projects for sustainable manufacture
        • Re-shoring initiatives to bring manufacturing “home”
        • Certs and eco-labels guaranteeing environmental and local production
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