Revolutionizing Footwear

Revolutionizing Footwear Manufacturing

Embracing Sustainable Manufacturing: A Journey Towards 3D Printing, Local Production, and Circular Practices.

Planting Seeds for a Sustainable Future!

WAZP and Vivobarefoot have collaborated for a span of two years to refine the process, enhancing efficiency in the creation of enduring, economically viable, and easily reproducible products. This journey signifies the beginning of the imminent shift towards a paradigm where the creation and crafting of the majority of products will reside.

The Story Behind VivoBiome

Shoes today are causing our feet to take an unnatural shape and weaken, leading to restricted natural movement and adverse health effects.
VivoBiome introduces a revolutionary concept for a circular, scan-to-print bare-footwear system, fundamentally reshaping the conventional approach to footwear creation.

This visionary approach entails VivoBiome footwear being customized for each individual through an on-demand, made-to-order process, ensuring a tailor-made fit. 
These products will be manufactured here at the WAZP Factory, reducing the need for distant production, and will be designed to facilitate easy recycling and remanufacturing as part of a circular approach.

A behind the scenes at the game-changing scan-to-print system that's reshaping the industry

- Shane Hassett, Co-Founder & CEO of WAZP and Asher Clarke, Co-Founder & CDO of VivoBarefoot.