A Few Words About Who We Are

WAZP is an end-to-end supply chain solution for products and parts produced using the capabilities of 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) with a growing global network of production facilities and partnerships with the leading technology, materials and service providers in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

If you have a production facility, but your machines are not fully loaded and there is a free capacity on your site, we can help you with filling your machines 24/7 through our extensive customer base and support you in setting up the lean and streamlined processes. 

Through becoming our production partner, you will get the access to the favorable bulk prices for equipment, materials and consumables.We are always looking to add new partners to our network so that we can offer the best possible service to our customers.

Join Our WAZP Network

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  • We need to understand your business, the capabilities and services you have in house, as well as the capacity for production you can offer us.
  • It is necessary for all of our partners to be compliant with all relevant Ethical, Health and Safety standards, to provide their workers with a safe working environment.
  • The sustainable and ethical procurement of resources needed for production is essential as such practices are critical to WAZP’s goals.
  • We need our partners to have an adequate and continuously improving Quality Management System (QMS) in place or are willing to implement QMS.
  • We need our partners to have a proactive approach and look to continuously improve their own processes and push additive manufacturing further.
    • When problems occur during production, we need suppliers that can adapt and improve their systems to provide quality parts consistently.
    • To ensure good quality products we need our suppliers to be comfortable either checking and controlling the production either in house or with a third party.
    • We operate in a wide variety of markets and industries and need partners that are flexible and willing to learn how to tailor their production to new and emerging markets for additive manufacturing.
    • We need partners that understand the importance of part and product compliance and to maintain the traceability of parts and products that flow through their production facilities and to the end consumer.