Our Team

You are in good hands!

While operating within our distinct teams, we seamlessly collaborate to ensure the success of our projects. Our in-house team, brimming with talent, possesses the knowledge and experience needed to bring even the most complex projects to market.

Collectively, we have achieved significant successes over the years, cultivating a culture we take pride in and constructing customer-centric solutions that consistently bring our clients back for more.

We actively champion and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our employees. It is these very differences that fuel innovation at WAZP, empowering us to better serve our clients and contribute meaningfully to our community as an organization.

WAZP Founders

Shane Hassett 

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mariana Kobal

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Supply Chain Team

Sean Hassett

Director & Chief Supply Chain Officer

Product Design Team

Erik Alcala

Global Head of Product Design 

Cillian Meghen

Product Designer

Software Team

Barry O'Driscoll

Lead Software Developer

Ger Tobin

Software Developer

Quality Control Team

Rachel Griffin

Quality Manager

Should you wish to connect with a member of our team, kindly submit a form, and we will reach out to you at our earliest convenience.