Community Engagement

Community Engagement & Support

WAZP would not have grown so rapidly without the continuous support we have received from the government, the business community and the community in general. WAZP actively participates in business, local and national events. We provide support by contributing financially, giving our time and by developing mutually beneficial collaborative projects with businesses, third level institutions, government agencies and non-for-profit organizations. We also encourage our employees to participate in the local community, especially on a personal level.

It is our responsibility to contribute to our community and we will be contributing our expertise and experience in 3D Printing Supply Chain, Design and Volume Manufacturing. WAZP endeavors to educate the next generation of business professionals, designers, engineers, and manufacturers. We do this by mentoring, lecturing and hosting workshops at schools and third level institutions. We have extensive internship programs at every department within the company.  Bridging the gap between the learning and professional environment.

Collaboratively Growing the Local Economy

WAZP is a proud member of KerrySciTech, a network of Science, Technology and Engineering companies in the Kerry Region, and Irish Digital Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing (IDEAM) Cluster, which assists businesses in all aspects of digital transformation and Industry 4.0, We also collaborate with Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) and Tyndall National Institute on innovative projects at a national, EU, and international level.

Supporting the Next Generation of Designers & Engineers

Supporting the rising talent in the areas of product design, engineering and manufacturing encourages young individuals to pursue careers in STEM and for us to grow the the future experts within our industry. WAZP proudly sponsored Formula Trinity, Trinity College’s Dublin entry to the International Formula Student Competition (FSAE); the team won Second Place. We also helped Katelyn, Castleisland Secondary School to design and produce ‘Sála Síos’, which secured her a Second Place in the National Student Enterprise Award 2020

Community Involvement & Knowledge Transfer

Engaging with the community and sharing our knowledge with students and businesses drives the growth of the Science & Technology sector in Kerry. In March 2020, WAZP participated in Tech Feile, organized by Tech Space. WAZP hosted a workshop on Product Design and 3D Printing to empower students and broaden their skills, aspirations and opportunities. In 2021, Shane & Mariana participated in the Junior Enterprise Programme (JEP) for 'Meet the Entrepreneur' Webinar aimed at inspiring primary level students.

10,000+ Personal Protective Equipment Donated

At WAZP, we understand that in these unprecedented times individuals, healthcare facilities, orphanages and other essential services globally are facing enormous challenges. We are all dealing with this pandemic on a global scale but it affect each and every person regardless of age, gender or race. Vital Personal Protective Equipment is not as freely available to everyone, in all geographical locations. Our goal is to simply join the already existing global community of individuals and businesses that offer their time and resources to help out.

Work Placement Opportunities for Third-Level Students

We are committed to providing third level students with hands on, responsibility-driven work experience that fosters the development of soft and hard skills, and allows each and every student to truly immerse into the WAZP culture. We have successfully provided Work Placements for students attending Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), University College Cork (UCC), and Munster Technological University (MTU).

Employee Growth, Wellness, Inclusion & Diversity

We support our growing team by offering wellness programs, training opportunities and a work-life equilibrium. We are an equal opportunities employer that embraces diversity and inclusivity. WAZP is an open forum where our employees are encouraged to share their ideas, educate each other and work collaboratively. Looking after our employees builds a sense of community within WAZP  enabling us to deliver our very best to our clients.

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