We bring your 3D Printed Products to market

The company was founded in 2015 by Shane Hassett and Mariana Kobal with a mission to refine the capabilities of Additive Manufacturing and create a Supply Chain as a Service that brings this endeavor to businesses globally and at scale.


We do this by developing the largest repository of 3D printable content in the world, by becoming the first choice for organizing production and fulfilment for the world’s content manufacturing needs and by providing access to the world’s best distributed manufacturing footprint. WAZP is changing the way companies that depend on manufacturing are able to do business.

Our Distributed Manufacturing Footprint allows us to serve global companies through scalable, localized manufacture offering enhanced product development capabilities, a more sustainable manufacturing process and a distribution model that slashes lead times and greatly reduces the products’ environmental footprint.

Sustainability is effectively built into the WAZP DNA by doing more with less, propelling operational excellence through a no-waste culture within the business.

In an increasingly global market where instant gratification is required to be competitive, companies of all sizes need options that maintain the scale of legacy production techniques but meet the multitude of product design and development needs expected today. WAZP is the partner helping businesses meet these lofty expectations. WAZP believes in transforming the ways companies create and deliver goods in every link of the supply chain. By alerting our clients to the possibilities of 3D printing, and facilitating the entire process of leveraging it, WAZP is changing how 3D printing is used globally.

"Our ambition is to drive a high-performance culture, putting innovation and hard work at the heart of WAZP, remaining true to our values and our purpose: to help businesses access cutting edge production technology to create better products that are more sustainable."

​- Shane Hassett & Mariana Kobal, Founders of WAZP

Our Values

Commit to Greatness

Rocket towards our vision by being at the forefront of innovation. Be passionate, driven and focused. 

Together Is Better

Leverage collective genius to achieve greatness. Be supportive, collaborative and inclusive.   

Do The Right Thing

Lead with integrity to inspire a culture of honesty. Be open, fair and ethical.

Be Your Own Customer

Harness experiences and expertise to provide exceptional guidance to our customers. Be valuable, caring and result orientated.

Do More With Less

Propel operational excellence through a ‘no waste’ culture. Be creative, efficient and resourceful. 

Design Is For Everyone

Build quality, design-driven and user-centric solutions. Make it simple, yet significant. 

Our values are at the heart of everything we do, and how we do it!


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