Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ's

What is WAZP?

WAZP is a supply chain for Additive Manufacturing, offering companies the most advanced, sustainable and flexible supply chain solution, transforming digital content into physical products using 3D Printing. Unlike legacy manufacturing, WAZP inspires companies to create more sustainable products, closer to the point of need. Please visit our Company Page.

What Industries does WAZP work with?

The applications of Additive Manufacturing span across multiple industries in both Industrial Applications and Consumer Products. WAZP clients operate in the Automotive, Engineering and Construction, and Homeware, Eyewear and Consumer Electronics availing of a wide range of our services from Product Development, Volume Manufacturing and Logistics.

I want to start a project with WAZP, what should I do next?
Brilliant! You have a few options to get in touch with us:
  1. You can contact us or book a meeting directly here.
  2. You can send us a message through our live chat.
  3. Skip all of that and email us directly: sales@wazp.io
How do I get a quote for production?
If you have a 3D file, you can submit it below and you will receive your initial quotation based on the information you provide within 24 hours. Please note this may take longer during weekends and official holidays.
Where is WAZP located?
WAZP HQ, 3A Borg Enterprise Park, Monavalley Industrial Estate, Tralee, V92 HT21, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
What is WAZP's Company Registration Number?
Our Company Reg. No: 552999
What is WAZP's VAT Number?
Our VAT Number is: IE 3323432LH
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship our orders worldwide.

WAZP offers a digital end-to-end supply chain solution with a global network of production facilities and partnerships with the leading technology and service providers in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. We always aim to produce as close to the point of need as possible, decentralizing production while maintaining cost efficiency and quality focus. We offer easy and smart access to volumes and production facilities for fast and flexible manufacturing.
Who is responsible for determining the product categories or deciding which products to proceed with?
For the development of WAZP+, we've established a council composed of selected team members tasked with offering insights and feedback on product ideas. This group convenes on a weekly basis to deliberate on fresh concepts, enhancements to existing products, and the overall functionality of our products and platform.


What is WAZP+ and what makes it unique?

WAZP+ is a revolutionary 3D printing platform tailored to various industries. Its defining feature is the promise of constant product availability.

How do I get started with WAZP+?

Simply join the platform, integrate your Shopify account with ours, select your preferred products, and showcase them on your website. 

How does WAZP+ handle product availability?

WAZP+ employs a 1:1 supply and demand approach, ensuring perpetual product availability through advanced manufacturing processes in Ireland.

Which industries does WAZP+ cater to?
WAZP+ will cater to all industries but in the initial stages we will focus on Homeware, Seasonal items, Sustainable and Upcycled products.
What about product variety and updates?
WAZP+ is committed to offering a dynamic product range, with new additions introduced every quarter to keep your product line appealing.
Can I collaborate with WAZP+ and provide input?
Yes, your insights and ideas are highly valued. You can actively contribute through a survey, influencing the direction of WAZP+ and suggesting new product ideas.
What if I want to create a product that’s not listed on WAZP+?
You need to contact the WAZP team directly, either contact us or book a meeting through our website- https://www.wazp.io/sales or skip all of that and email us  sales@wazp.io .

Services FAQ's

Who designs my products?
WAZP’s in-house designers will work on designing your product for Additive Manufacture. Depending on your product and requirements a Design Lead will be assigned who will take the project to completion ensuring that your product is developed with volume production in mind.

By allowing us to design your product in collaboration with your team, we ensure that at each stage the product quality, requirements and budget are prioritized from design stage all the way to volume production.

What is 3D Model Optimization?
Design Optimization ensures the 3D Model of your product is ready for manufacturing using AM, that it is suitable for the chosen technology and material, is optimized to use as little material as possible while maintaining technical and functional integrity. Optimization greatly impacts product quality as well as cost per unit.

If you are designing your product with WAZP, this is an essential part of the Product Development Process.

If you have your own 3D Model that you want to produce, WAZP will conduct a Product Optimization Test to identify if critical optimization is required, then you will be presented with the option to optimize it yourself of let WAZP do their magic!

Learn more about Product Optimization:
I have a 3D Model, what format do I have to save it in?
We accept a range of files including STL, IGES, STP, OBJ & SAT, however, it is recommended that you send it in STL or STP format.
What is involved in Production Planning?
Production Planning involves the following:

  1. Document Preparation
  2. Process Mapping
  3. Tolerances Definitions
  4. 2D Drawings
  5. Orientation Specification
  6. Print Instructions
  7. Post Processing Instructions
  8. Location Selection
  9. Capacity Booking
  10. Delivery Plan

All of the above are part of your Production Planning Pack.
What is Production Optimization?
Production & Nesting Optimization is a process of digitally ‘assembling’ the products within the 3D Printer Bin specifications. This includes optimization of product orientation and tolerances management. Production Optimization is an essential step in our process as it has a direct effect on product quality and unit cost.
What is involved in the Post Processing and Finishing Process?
Due to the nature of the powder-based processes of MJF and SLS, raw products have a powdery finish.

Blasting: Is used to ensure all powder particles are removed.

Tumbling: Is used to achieve a smoother surface texture, PA-12 parts can be polished in Media Tumblers or Vibro Machines.

Color Dyeing: The fastest and most cost-effective method to color products is via a dye process. A standard range of colors is available and new color may be developed on request.

For industry specific finishing options, for example Eyewear, please contact us below:
Where are the Products/Parts Manufactured?
We manufacture close to the point of need of our customers to ensure a more efficient and sustainable process with reduced Carbon Footprint. This is possible due to WAZP’s Distributed Manufacturing Footprint globally.
What are the Quality Control Procedures at WAZP?
Quality control (QC) takes place between all stages either by sampling or with 100% control. QC is carried out after all Manufacturing and Post Processing steps: Printing, Polishing, Dyeing, and Assembly.

Intellectual Property FAQ's

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements

WAZP presents a MNDA – Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement – to all WAZP Customers, Business Partners, and Employees.

As a potential customer, we will ask you to sign a MNDA prior to disclosing any information, written or verbal. We will also, gladly sign an MNDA presented by you. The purpose of a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement is to protect both parties from releasing any confidential or privileged information.

Where can I read WAZP's IP Policies?

WAZP takes Intellectual Property Rights, Confidentiality and Privacy very seriously. Please read the following Policies:


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