• What is all the BUZZ about?

    WAZP is committed to improving the ways businesses develop and distribute items at every stage of the supply chain. WAZP is revolutionizing how 3D printing is utilized internationally by informing our clients about the possibilities of 3D printing and streamlining the whole process of using it.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Students and Staff from REEdI MTU on a tour of the WAZP facility.

“It was a very unique experience to have the WAZP CEO and one of the company directors leading the factory tour."

“Really enjoyable tour and wonderful to see cutting edge technology thriving in Tralee.”

- Students from REEdI MTU

'Factories of the Future - Global Supply Chain for Additive Manufacturing' 

international Collaboration with EIT & IDEAM!

Shane Hassett, CEO & Founder of WAZP, Christian Bölling, Director of EIT Manufacturing & Wolfgang Knieski, Senior Business Creation Manager at EIT Manufacturing.
Stephen Barry-Hannon, Head of Marketing & Communications at WAZP and Dr Jamie Meehan, IDEAM Cluster Manager signed the network partnership agreement on WAZP’s premises.

"WAZP offered ProVerum a low cost, time-efficient solution for building test parts for one of our most critical projects. Their fast lead times facilitated the testing required to inform the direction of next project steps. I highly recommend working with WAZP and would not hesitate to collaborate with WAZP again on future projects.”

-Ríona Ní Ghriallais, PROVERUM

“By using Additive Manufacturing technologies, we aim to have a decentralized manufacturing supply chain which can reduce the costs of production due to its lead-time, absence of tooling and reduction of transportation and stocking. We have started a partnership with WAZP for the fabrication of our Global Connectors, nodes that connect a structure and transport circuits and water throughout the farming system. We are committed to the development of our products with sustainable technologies that will grow in the next 10 years and WAZP is our 3D printing ally for our innovation in the market”.


“WAZP made a model of our marine product for us to use in scale model tank testing. Due to the nature of the testing, it was important for the model to be as light as possible and for us to know the weight distribution precisely. WAZP did a great job of figuring out the lightest way to make the model and provided us with the technical details we needed. Throughout the process WAZP were great to communicate with, responding promptly to emails and taking time for phone calls as necessary. We were so impressed with the finished model that we ordered a second one to put on display!”

-Andrew Carlisle, XOCEAN

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