WAZP is recognized as a Key Innovator by the E.U. Commission


WAZP is recognized as a 
Key Innovator by the 
E.U. Commission

The E.U. Commission identifies WAZP as a Key Innovator 

in its Innovation Radar Platform


  • WAZP, a Global Supply Chain Company for Additive Manufacturing has been recognized as a Key Innovator by the E.U. Commission in its Innovator Radar Platform
  • The Innovation Radar is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation framework programs 
  • This initiative explores innovations across different maturity levels in many aspects to include innovations in manufacturing, distribution, retail and consumers needs

WAZP, a Global Supply Chain Company for Additive Manufacturing, along with the University of Padeborn, has been recognized by the E.U. Commission as key innovators for developing an innovative high confidence quotation model for AM Toys Safety. Innovation Radar Initiative aims are to identify high potential innovations and innovators in E.U. funded programs.. The Project for which WAZP was recognized as an innovator in the Horizon 2020 iBus Project which was first commissioned by the University of Limerick.

The Innovation Radar works by exploring innovations in 4 maturity levels, these are: 1. Exploring Value Creation Opportunities. 2. Technology Readiness of the Innovation 3. Business Readiness and, 4. Market Readiness. WAZP has worked on developing integrated business models for customer driven supply chains for 3D printed products, creating value for every stakeholder. This includes suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers, all while making it sustainable as possible.

WAZP is constantly working on producing high-quality products that are produced using sustainable materials. This is delivered via WAZP’s dynamic data-driven tailored supply chain and providing localized distribution models to their customers. Conducting research with partners such as the University of Limerick and the University of Padeborn and the E.U. ensures that innovative solutions are developed and adopted by the mainstream market. WAZP Chief Operating Officer Mariana Kobal had this to say about the project,

“We are delighted and proud to achieve this level of recognition. WAZP is a forward-thinking company, founded on an extraordinary vision to turn Additive Manufacturing into viable mainstream supply chain through innovation, expertise, and creativity. Being identified as a Key Innovator by the E.U. Commission is a tremendous achievement and motivational boost for all our team.”

You can learn more about the Innovation Radar here and find out more about other exciting E.U. funded innovations.

WAZP offers clients the most advanced, sustainable, and flexible supply chain solutions. By harnessing the power of Additive Manufacturing, WAZP inspires companies to produce quality products, closer to the point of need whilst achieving industry-defining pricing, increased design complexity, and efficient processes to support clients’ adoption of digital content manufacturing with ease and efficiency. Sustainability is built into the WAZP DNA by doing more with less, propelling operational excellence through a no-waste culture within the company. This goal is achieved by being creative, efficient, and resourceful. This means less waste and increased efficiency at all stages in the supply chain for their clients.