WAZP’s Team of Designers Had A Little Fun with AI!

By - Lorna
03.05.23 11:18 AM

For the first time in the WAZP office, an AI-generated image had been brought to reality. The end product was unique and innovative, demonstrating the potential of AI in the world of design.

Technology has come a long way in the world of design. With the introduction of new AI apps, designers can now bring their ideas to life in a way that was not possible before. Recently, the team of designers at WAZP decided to have a little fun with a new AI Image Generator tool to see what they could create.

The designers at WAZP started by inputting text into the AI App, and it generated an image based on the words. The designers were incredibly creative in their approach to using this tool. 

They used a variety of different keywords and phrases to see what kinds of images would be generated. Some of the results were surprising, and they were able to come up with some fantastic ideas for new products based on the images.

The team then took this image and used it to create a 3D model using a 3D modelling software. This allowed them to see their creation in a 3D space and make any necessary adjustments.

One of the biggest challenges the designers faced was the change in dimensions. When going from an image to a 3D model, there were often discrepancies in the size and shape of the object. The team had to spend time adjusting the dimensions to ensure that the final product would look like the original image.

Another challenge was the body of the image itself. Some of the images generated were incomplete or had parts missing. The designers had to fix these issues and ensure that the final product would be cohesive and complete.

Despite the challenges, the designers at WAZP were able to create some amazing products using an AI Image Generator. They used the 3D models they created to print physical objects using a 3D printer. The end result was unique and a creative product that could not have been made without the use of AI technology.

In conclusion, the team of designers at WAZP had a little fun with the new AI app. They were able to use the tool to generate images, create 3D models, and ultimately print physical products. While there were some challenges along the way, the end results were worth it. 

This project demonstrates the potential of AI in the world of design and how it can be used to create innovative and unique products.

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